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Family: Jacks & Pompanos
Similar Fish: Greater Amberjack, Lesser Amberjack, Jacks and Pompanos
Habitat: OFFSHORE - Rocky reefs, debris and wrecks. Typically in 60 to 240 feet of water. Found also NEARSHORE. Juveniles may be found by floating objects and water less than 30 feet deep.
Size: 25 lb - 50 lb.
Description: Greater amberjack that are at least 5 years of age, or 33.5 inches long, spawn from March through July. They may reach a size of 6 feet, and weigh nearly 200 pounds. Voracious predators, greater amberjacks eat mostly crab, squid and other fishes found on reefs. They are often found in small groups and are friendly to divers. Amberjack eat a diet that is very typical of a deepwater, structure-holding fish: crabs, crustaceans, squid and small fish.

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