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Family: Barracuda
Similar Fish: Great Barracuda
Habitat: INSHORE - Barracudas can be found along rocky headlands, inshore reefs, wrecks, estuaries, creeks, beaches and jetty pylons with an attraction to weedbeds. They prefer areas such as large sandflats, shallow rock, shallow reef or dry sandbanks, with adjacent weedbed areas which they use to bottle up and concentrate baitfish populations..
Size: Up to 80lb.
Description: A ferocious fighter and an excellent gamefish, the great barracuda is considered potentially dangerous because of its tendency to strike at flashing objects (which it mistakes for fish) and its ability to inflict serious harm, in or out of water, through its prodigious teeth. The great barracuda has been known to attack waders, swimmers, and divers, but such incidents are uncommon. It is also a dangerous fish to eat, because it leads a list of marine fishes that cause ciguatera when eaten, although small fish are apparently not poisonous. Not every barracuda causes ciguatera, but there is no safe or reliable way of recognizing toxic fish.

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