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Redfish (Red Drum)

Family: Drums
Similar Fish: Drum family - Atlantic croaker, spot, spotted seatrout, and black drum
Habitat: INSHORE - shallow grass flats
Size: Up to 90 lb.
Description: Juvenile red fish feed primarily on small crabs, shrimps, and marine worms. As they grow older, they feed on larger crabs, shrimps, and small fish. They generally are bottom feeders but will feed in the water column when the opportunity arises. A phenomenon called "tailing" occurs when the red drum feed in shallow water with their head down in the grass and the tail exposed to the air. Red drum are excellent food. The "Blackened Redfish" craze of the early 80's nearly decimated the populations. Small fish may also be fried, baked, or broiled; larger fish make good stews.

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