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Family: Snapper
Similar Fish: Yellowtail Snapper, Blackfin Snapper, Gray Snapper
Habitat: Juveniles are found INSHORE on grassbeds and back reefs. Adults are found NEARSHORE or OFFSHORE over sandy areas near reefs. The gray snapper's habitat is variable and includes irregular bottom area offshore, such as coral reefs, rock ledges, and wrecks, to a depth of about 300 feet. Inshore the species is found over smooth bottom, usually near pilings, seagrass meadows and mangrove thickets.
Size: Up to15 lb.
Description: Found mainly on tropical waters. Feeds on small fish and invertebrates.  Spawning usually occurs in the summer at the dusk of a full moon, and in shallow waters. Fish that are 3 years old or older and 9 inches or more take part in the spawning. The lifespan of a gray snapper may be up to 21 years and individuals may reach lengths of 35 inches and weight of 25 pounds. Young gray snappers tend to each shrimp and other crustaceans, while adults prefer fishes, crabs, or shrimps, and may feed on grass flats in the late afternoon or at night.

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