Key West; Key West Fishing - A Sportfishing Guide to Key West and The Florida Keys -


  Beach & Surf Habitat

Seaweed wrack produces nutrients for the underwater community and hardy creatures in abundance find the surf habitat just right for their needs. The delectable pompano , Florida's most highly valued food fish, is the most eagerly sought surf fish. Plankton-feeding baitfish such as Cigar Minnows, Threadfin Herring, Menhaden and Spanish Sardines form huge schools just off the beaches. Their ranks are constantly thinned by attacks from Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Cobia, Little Tunny, Ladyfish, Jacks and other prized gamefish. During the warm months, just off the beaches of the upper east coast, adult Tarpon are abundant and support a thriving catch-and-release sports fishery.

Each year, beaches attract millions of visitors to Florida. However pollution and development threaten this fragile habitat. Beachfront development and irresponsible foot traffic can destroy shifting sand dunes. Tar from ocean-going tankers often litters the sand, and pollution from Florida's rivers and canals threatens water purity. It is our responsibility - each one of us… so lets keep our beaches clean.

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