Key West; Key West Fishing - A Sportfishing Guide to Key West and The Florida Keys -


  The Gulf Stream and The Deep Waters

The Gulf Stream courses through the Florida Straits south of Key West and moves steadily northward along the entire east coast of Florida. Its pace is steady at 4 knots. It's a mighty tropical river from 25 to 40 miles in width. Its temperature varies from a summertime 86 F off Key West to 75 F off Jacksonville in winter. Through that range of temperature , many fish are comfortable: Mullet, Grouper, Snapper, Tarpon, Wahoo, Billfish, Tunas, Cobia, Dolphin, Mackerel, and more… Anglers favor the edges of the Gulf Stream, where different bodies of water meet. Such mixing of currents also increases the chances of finding floating debris. Submerged deepwater reefs under the Stream are immensely productive, but difficult to fish. Blue water angling is exciting and invigorating.

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