Key West; Key West Fishing - A Sportfishing Guide to Key West and The Florida Keys -



One of Florida's true natives. There are three types of Mangroves found in Florida: Red, Black & White. They cover south Florida with a verdant and life-giving shield that nurtures marine organisms of all kinds, provides nesting sites for shore birds, and shelters juvenile fish.

Mangrove thickets offer so much protection from the elements that boaters facing a hurricane emergency frequently take their boats far up the mangrove creeks for shelter. Mangrove shorelines also buffer inland areas from storm winds and tides.

Anglers in shallow draft boats drift along mangrove shorelines, tossing surface plugs and flies as near the roots as their skill permits. Snook, Redfish and small Tarpon come boiling up from concealment and strike in a frenzy of spray that makes for great sport.

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