Key West; Key West Fishing - A Sportfishing Guide to Key West and The Florida Keys -


  Florida's Marine Habitat

The Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and hundreds of bays, sounds, and inlets provide a home to the Florida's marine fish. Florida saltwater anglers can fish for more than 100 species of fish.

The Panhandle
Long stretches of white sand beaches and ocean that rapidly drop off. Boaters in 70 feet of water can often see bathers on the beach. Bountiful estuaries, places where rivers meet the sea, are generally hidden by long, narrow barrier islands.

From Apalachicola to the Big Bend
Estuaries are protected by myriads of Oyster Bars and rocky islands. Water depths drop off very gradually. Off Suwannee River and St. Marks Light, outboard motorboats can run aground more than 3 mile from shore. Seagrass beds grow so far out that land is over the horizon. This area has few beaches and is predominantly marsh.

Tampa Bay & Charlotte Harbor
Seagrasses, Mangroves, Oyster Bars and Artificial Reefs.

Florida Keys
Live coral reefs, a picturesque series of rocky islands thrown like a string of pearls between land's end and Key West. Each of them ringed by shallow grass flats, mangroves and finger channels.

The Atlantic Coast

Long stretches of white sand beaches and ocean that rapidly drop off like the Panhandle. Some of it's estuaries are almost land-locked, with some having very low salinity and inlets as much as 40 miles apart. One 10-mile stretch of the Atlantic coast, north of Flagler Beach, has exposed rock reminiscent of the coastline of Maine. 

Each of these habitats offers its own hidden treasures for the saltwater angler...

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